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Community Athletes
There is an athlete within you. Your aim may not be to compete at the professional level, but your goal is just as important. Whether its building stamina and strength or losing unwanted weight, your goal is our vision.
What we do best
Personalized Training Process
Open Gym & Private Studio
Online Programming
Small Groups & Clubs
Due to Covid Restriction
Due to Covid Restriction
Due to Covid Restriction
Personalized Training Process
First SHIFT Intro > Community Athlete Action Plan
Our job as coaches is to get you from today, to your goal as fast, efficiently and safely as possible. Every athlete is unique and has specific needs. We have an abundance of resources and programming options that we draw on to customize a plan that propels you towards your goal. No 2 paths are identical, and for this reason we start every athlete with a "Fisrt SHIFT Intro". We use this meeting to construct your customized Training Plan.
How we do it
Based on your needs we will carefully construct a plan utilizing the best training formats that are specific and relevant to your path, which can include:
In Class
Specialty Workshops
Personal Training
Online Programming
Nutrition Accountability
Sleep Tracking
Open Gym & Private Studio
We have 4 seperate training spaces that serve our clients in both group and private environments.
Open Gym

Our 2400 sq/ft gym has 60ft of professional turf, 3 pro multi purpose, adjustable racks and all the bar, weights, balls, bands, rollers and tunes you could ever need. Classes, specialty groups and Open gym users call this space home 

Open Gym hours available here
Private Studio

We understand the need for a personal space is sometimes preffered. We have outfitted 3 personal training studios. Best for 1 on 1 personal training or to just sweat it out with your own equipment and music. Every studio space is equiped with a range of dumbells from 5-60lbs and olympic barbell and plates, lifting station, balls, bands and control of your environment.


Studio 33 has a full rack.

Booking Instructions here
See available Studio hours here
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