SHIFT Hockey Development
Our vision is to inspire and educate. In the gym, on the ice, or in a class, coaching is at our core. We create a roadmap (Athlete Action Development Plan) and provide mentorship so you can achieve your dreams.

All Ages

The goal of the camp is to show techniques and use drills to help improve a player’s overall skill and
understanding of the game. 
Drills and situational teaching points will give the player confidence in their ability to create and execute plays.


Our goal is for each player to develop more enjoyment of the game, a better understanding of what skills are required to improve, and how to achieve their goals for the up coming year.

Camp Schedule

Half Day Only

Maximum of 8 players per group

U8 Group - Cost $295

July 12-16 (Monday-Friday)


2.5 hrs of on-ice instruction

Typical Week Program


Techniques for Skating, Shooting, Passing, and Stickhandling.


Implement techniques learned on day 1 and apply them to small area drills to help the Player practice them at a slower speed.


Apply pressure through drills to see where and if the techniques shown falter with the individual player and give feed back on how to correct.


Increase pace and speed of drills and move into realistic situations to help with reading of plays and reaction.


Put all skills into game like situation drills and apply pressure to simulate what a player will see in a game and help them react with confidence to the situation they are faced with.

U10 Group - Cost $295

July 12-16 (Monday-Friday)


2.5 hrs of on-ice instruction

U12 Group - Cost $295

July 19-23 (Monday-Friday)


2.5 hrs of on-ice instruction

U15 Group - Cost $295

July 26-30 (Monday-Friday)


2.5 hrs of on-ice instruction


All Ages

Private training is the most advantageous form of training for rapid skill acquisition. Detection and correction is immediate and specific to your athlete. Your individual and focused attention will translate to results that are applicable to your game instantly.


30 minute private training has your choice of 1 or 2 players participating with Coach Al. The booking client is responsible for the full registration but can invite a 2nd player at their discretion. Training may be half ice when necessary as 2 programs may be occurring simultaneously.

Most available sessions are available Wednesdays but as interest grows so will our availability. Please contact for other times from Thursday-Sunday.

Flexible booking daily

Wednesday - Sunday

Cost $90per/session

Custom Private Training Groups

All Ages

Do you have a group of players that would benefit from training together? Customize your training based on your choice of the number of participants. Progress your skill development quickly and have lessons customized to your group's needs and wants.


Please Note - You may gather up to 8 participants per group session. The 1 hr lesson will be billed in full to the individual who booked the lesson.

Flexible booking daily


Cost Per Skater

1 participant   - $240       5 participants - $48       

2 participants - $120       6 participants - $40

3 participants - $80         7 participants - $35

4 participants - $60         8 participants - $30

Cody coaching.jpeg

Small Group Open Skills

All Ages

Weekly skill sessions will include general skills such as Skating, Edge’s, Stickhandling, Passing, and Shooting. All of these skills will be involved in drills that are game situational. Not only will players be able to advance their skill set, but will also know when and where to execute these skills in a game. Sessions will also conclude with a small area game pertaining to the skills taught in that session. 

 50-minute sessions. Ideal for repetition and building habits Book at your convenience.


Max 5 players : 1 SHIFT Coach

Paired with similar skill level

U10 every Thursday @ 5:00-5:50 pm

U14 every Thursday @ 6:00-6:50 pm

Single Session | $55+HST

​6 Pack | $321+HST

10 Pack | $525+HST 


Puck Retrievals and First Play Mentality

Video Zoom + Ice

We will explore two of the most important skills that a player should be equipped with; retrieving pucks and executing quick plays.


Retrieving a loose puck and making the right play is easier said than done. It takes vision, awareness, anticipation and an intelligent next play mentality. Yet the ability to execute a quick first pass or find space to skate is what separates good from great players. Learn to assess and manage opposing threats; where they are, Is the pressure immediate or passive. Learn to know your play options before you receive the puck. The first play is the most important


What do we look for? Collecting information in the moment and applying 5 steps to a smart retrieval;

  1. Skate

  2. Eyes

  3. Deception

  4. Skate

  5. Play Execution

Skills Associated

  • Back wards skating 
  • Backwards-Forwards transitions

  • Tight turns

  • Having an idea of where space exists and where to look first, second and worst case scenarios

  • When to beat an attacker with a pass vs. skating

On Ice Session is 80 min and will include:

  • 15- 20 min of skating ( transitions, backwards, forwards, tight turns)

  • 10-15 min of Passing (under pressure, indirect passing, reverses, etc)

  • 20-30min of Puck retrieval process drills ( without and with pressure)

  • 15-25 min of small area puck retrieval games 

Clinic Details

Maximum of 8 players per group

Under 12 Group - Cost $55

Video Coaching Zoom Session

Thursday December 10 @ 6:30 pm

On Ice Skills Session

Saturday, December 12 @ 11:00 am-12:30 pm

Under 16 Group - Cost $55

Video Coaching Zoom Session

Thursday December 10 @ 6:30 pm

On Ice Skills Session

Saturday, December 12 @ 12:30-2:00 pm

Cody coaching.jpeg

Professional Coaching

Al Deggart.jpg
Coach Al
Professional Player Development Coach

Al is thrilled to bring his 20+ years of hockey coaching experience to Shift.


Al grew up in hockey rinks, both playing and coaching beside his father. He attending the University of Ottawa, where he graduated from the Leisure Studies program in the faculty of Kinesiology. As a multi-sport athlete, he was a member of the 2000 National Championship Gee Gees football team. Al returned to coaching hockey in 2009 and spent many years coaching with the Kanata Blazers before transitioning to skill development.


Al has been working as a skills coach since 2014. He worked with the Ottawa Senators programs, including assisting in their 2014 rookie development camp, and then at Next Generation Hockey as a dedicated skills coach. In 2020, Al became a Hockey Canada trained skills instructor and is looking forward to using the knowledge gained through this program to help you improve your skills at every session.