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Cody Hendsbee

Cody brings extensive knowledge and experience: both as a player and a coach. As a player, Cody was a 4-year member of the Kemptville 73’s Junior A Hockey Club (CCHL). The offensive defenceman captained the team for 2 years and graduated to Robert Morris University - NCAA Division-1. Cody then joined St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. As a member of the X-Men, Cody helped the team capture 2-AUS Championships and 2 National Championship Silver medals. 


An Ottawa native, Cody worked as a skills & skating coach for 7 years during the summers in Ottawa before heading to Oakville, Ontario where he spent a year as the Director of Hockey Programming at Cutting Edge Hockey Development Centre. Cody was also an Assistant Coach for the Burlington Cougars Junior A Hockey Club during his time in the GTA.


Cody looks forward to passing on his hockey knowledge and getting to know current hockey players in Stittsville and the surrounding area!



Book your First SHIFT Intro



Book your First SHIFT Intro


taylor hall.jpeg

Taylor Hall

Arizona Cayotes


Working with Cody is awesome!


Every ice time has drills that not only apply directly to game situations but also allowed for creativity.


In only a short amount of time he got me ready for training camp!

Program Details

30 min privates
30 min Private 1:1 or 1:2

Wednesday and by requested appointment Thursday-Sunday

Cost $90per/session

All Ages

Private training is the most advantageous form of training for rapid skill acquisition. Detection and correction is immediate and specific to your athlete. Your individual and focused attention will translate to results that are applicable to your game instantly.


30 minute private training has your choice of 1 or 2 players participating with Coach Hendsbee. The booking client is responsible for the full registration but can invite a 2nd player at their discretion. Training may be half ice when necessary as 2 programs may be occurring simultaneously.

Most available sessions are available Wednesdays but as interest grows so will our availability. Please contact for other times from Thursday-Sunday.

Customized Grop Training
Private Customized Group Training

Scheduled as Needed

Cost $240

All Ages

Do you have a group of players that would benefit from training together? Customize your training based on your choice of the number of participants. Progress your skill development quickly and have lessons customized to your groups needs and wants.

Please Note - You may gather up to 8 participants per group session. The 1 hr lesson will be billed in full to the individual who booked the lesson.

Potential Cost breakdown for booking per skater;


2 participants - $120        6 participants - $40

3 participants - $80         7 participants - $35

4 participants - $60         8 participants - $30

5 participants - $48          

Submit Form for availability >>
Edges & Skating
Edges & Skating

10 Weeks | October 15-December 17

Cost $295

Today’s game is all about speed, agility and deception. Shifts Edges and Skating program allows for players to understand the basic mechanics, posture and movement involved in skating at the next level. The focus of this program will be on body control, balance, inside/ outside edges as well as transitioning from forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards. 


This program will be led by Head Instructor Cody Hendsbee and players will be given immediate feedback on technique as well as when and where to implement these skating techniques into a game situation.

Level 1 | Age 7-12 (12 participants)
  • Inside/Outside Edgework

  • Balance & Body Control

  • Posture & Mechanics

  • Explosive Starts

  • Stops & Transitions

  • Change of Direction & Deception

Thursday @ 4:00-4:50
Level 2 | Age 9-15 (12 participants)
  • Same as level 1

  • Explosive Transitions

    • forward to forward​

    • forward to backward

    • backwards to forwards

  • Deception​ & heel steering

Thursday @ 5:00-5:50
Play Makig & Scoring
Play Making & Scoring

10 Weeks | October 17-December 19

Cost $295

Level 1 | Age 6-8
(12 participants)

​Foundational Skill Acquisition


This program features the basic skills needed to feel confident on the ice with and without a puck. Led by Head Instructor Cody Hendsbee, this program focuses on the basic skill sets of skating, with and without a puck, puck control, passing, shooting and will involve small area games.

Level 2 | Age 9-12
(12 participants)

​Skill Development & Game Application


This high intensity program will allow for players to take their basic skills of skating, stick handling, passing and shooting, and combine them together to create game-like situations. Led by head Instructor Cody Hendsbee, players will be taught when, where and how to implement these skills into game situations. Players will then be able to utilize these skills in small area games ( 1on 1, 2 on 2, battle drills)

Level 3 | Age 13-15
(12 participants)

​Skill Application

Limiting Time & Space


At this age players have limited time and space during a game. Shift’s focus for this high intensity program is to give players tools needed to feel confident with a puck in high traffic, limited space areas of a game. Many current NHL players attribute success to being able to make decisions as well as contain a puck while under pressure. Led by Head Instructor Cody Hendsbee, this program is perfect for those looking to fine tune their skills in a high paced environment.

Saturday 2-3pm
Saturday 3-4pm
Saturday 4-5pm
Defence Specific
Defence Specific

10 Weeks | October 14-December 16

Cost $295

A modern day Defence must have the ability to move in all directions and do so effectively. In this program players will be focusing on proper technique and tactics for backwards skating, transitional skating from forwards to backwards, backwards to forwards, as well as pivots, escape moves and gap control. As a D our main priority is taking care of our defensive zone.


Led by Head Instructor Cody Hendsbee, players will learn techniques on defending off a rush (1on1’s, 2on1’s) net front, corner battles and the puck retrieval process.

Level 1 | Age 7-12 (12 participants)
Wednesday  6:30-7:20pm
Level 2 | Age 9-15 (12 participants)
Wednesday 7:30-8:20pm
Josh Joorish.jpeg

“I really enjoyed working with Cody. He provides drills that focus on stickhandling in small areas that apply directly to game situations. There always seemed to be an assortment of drills that kept the skate fresh and exciting. Cody focuses on the little skills that make a big difference when it comes to having confidence in games. I feel really good heading into this season after a summer working with Cody.” 


Josh Jooris

Lausanne HC

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