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Performance Class Athletes
Programming for every athlete starting at age 9. Developing the body for performance is an evolving long term investment. We provide the proper foundation and customized training regardless of your sport, position or ability. We believe in building athletes from the ground up, step by step, training block by block.
What we do best
Personalized Training Process &
Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
Personalized Training Process
First SHIFT Intro > Athlete Development Action Plan
If you want to fast track your development, Training 1on1 is your best way forward. Our job as coaches is to get you from today, to your goal as fast, efficiently and safely. Every athlete is unique and has specific needs. We have an abundance of resources and programming options that we draw on to customize a plan. No two journeys are identical, and for this reason we start every athlete with a 'First SHIFT Intro'. We use this meeting to construct your customized 'Athlete Development Action Plan'. Plans are typically chunked into 4-6 week blocks to ensure we are always adjusting to fit new conditions.
How we do it
Long Term Athlete Development
At the early stages of development, it is imperative that sport development programs are designed around critical periods of accelerated adaptation to training. These periods of development represent the time when young athletes are ready and able to develop fundamental sport skills and abilities such as running, jumping and throwing. In addition they are able to improve their speed, agility and balance, which are related sport skills. Young Athletes who do not develop their fundamental motor skills by age 12 are unlikely to reach their genetic athletic potential. At SHIFT, we break our development training models into 3 training stages.
All LTAD Programming Includes
Progressive Training blocks within each Group
2 in-class group sessions weekly
Manual training log
Online Training Program via "Trainerize App"
Movement & Posture
Intro to Load & Compound Movements
Force Development & Power
This goal of this program is to restore functional movement, teach body awareness while improving cardiovascular health. This is the foundation and base of the pyramid. 


Concepts that are critical for maintaining a strong and healthy body include the following:


Self Myofascial Release (SMR) to address muscle soreness

Training the global stabilizers and learning coordination

Mobility drills that will help increase functional movement

Introduction to different energy systems (aerobic, anaerobic)

Understand how posture plays a role in all of exercise


This phase is mandatory given the importance of the above principles.

In Class
Mon, Wed, Fri @ 3:00pm

It is important to note that postural issues must be corrected before starting this phase of training. 


The focus of this program will centre around the following:


1. Building on body awareness and coordination via dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells

2. Introduction of various strength equipment and educating when best to use which tool

3. Proper training of the core as this is the foundation of all compound movements

4. Understanding of time under tension (tempo) and differentiating between eccentric and centric movements

5. Teaching of technical barbell movements requiring total body control. These will include: barbell back squatting, barbell front squatting, barbell deadlift, barbell bench press, barbell overhead pressing


Load will not be the same for everyone. An assessment is required to determine the proper load (weight) for each individual to ensure safety and proper mechanics.

In Class
Mon, Wed, Fri @ 4:00pm

By now you should be familiar with various barbell compound mechanics, using weights, and jumping. The next phase will increase intensity (difficulty) and introduce plyometrics. Plyometric exercises are to build speed and power via learning how to shorten the stretch cycle. 


The intent of this program is to improve force development aka - power and speed. In order to be 'fast', and, 'explosive', hip extension and a strong posterior chain are key.

Training the fast twitch muscles requires lots of practice as technique is key. This is a longer than average mesocycle with five training sessions per week and one active recovery workout. 


Proper speed development requires ample rest. Watch the rest periods. They are long for a reason - to maintain QUALITY.

Open Gym hours available here

Professional Coaching

Coach Mike
Professional Performance Class Athletic Coach

Michael's passion in working with athletes revolves around long term development and nailing the technical details before loading the barbell with weight. He is a former competitive Olympic Weightlifter and specializes in power development. The coordination and rapid speed at which Olympic lifts are executed command similar muscle groups players and goalies recruit when exploding past a defender or moving post to post.

Mike's keen eye for detail and reletless quest for knowledge make him a favourite amongst elite athletes. Education first is the foundation of his philosophy.


Austin Cain

Westerm Michigan

'I've never felt more prepared 


Mark Hooper

Kanata Head Coach

for the upcoming season. Under 

the guidance of  CA trainer Michael Ho, I've made bigger gains, increased range of motion, eliminated impingements and feel more confident than ever before.' 

'"Everything you do supports Physical  Literacy and Long Term Athlete Development.  Never waiver from your philosophy. It is  exactly what these girls, as well as all  athletes, need. I was extremely impressed  AND can’t wait for the  next session. Thank you for all your hard  work and planning on behalf of our team."

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