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Studio Sessions


Our studio sessions allow clients to book one-hour sessions, allowing clients to workout using their own program or one designed by our Athletic Director - Mike Ho.

Choose from one of our curated studios; Studio 88 or Studio 33, they both provide clients with a full range of equipment to complete any workout and  Google Nest. 


Studio Booking Steps

  1. Click Here

  2. Select "Login" or "Register" if you ​do not have an account

  3. Select "Buy"

  4. Select "Membership"

  5. Select "BUY" to the right of "SHIFT Performance & Wellness"

    • There is no charge for membership​

    • Credit Card info is required for verification but will not be charged

    • All new members receive a free 1 hour trial in a standard studio

  6. Scroll through and accept waivers


  8. Select "Buy"

  9. Select "Packages"

  10. Select "BUY" to the right of  "1 Hour Session in a Private Studio" or "10 - 1 Hour Sessions in a Private Studio"

  11. Select "Book Sessions/Ice Rentals" 

  12. Find the desired "Studio Session" and click on it

  13. Select "Book"

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