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Week 1: July 15th-19th

@ SHIFT Facility 145 Iber Road 


9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

2.5 Hours on Ice Per day

12 Goalies

Week 2: Aug 12th-16th

Week 3: Aug 26th-30th

ADVANCED goaltenders are competitive and ready to try and make the jump to ELITE. SHIFT advanced goalies will have an instructor at each net and a Head Instructor going from station to station critiquing and mentoring. The advancement goaltending techniques would include RVH, Post integration, controlled recoveries and more. Advanced goalies are from any age competing
or playing at high levels of competitive hockey.

● HEAD INSTRUCTOR + Goalie coach at every net
● 1⁄3 Goalies Per NET
● 2 Hrs per day of On-ice game situations with shots
● 30 min a day of mobility and puck handling
● Real time video analysis
● 30 min of classroom (NHL Pro Reads)
● 1 hr of Specific Goaltender training in SHIFT Gym
● VR Training, Ping Pong, Team Building, Golf

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